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Houston Middle 7th Grade Calculator TI30XIIS

Houston Middle 7th Grade Calculator TI30XIIS

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Houston Middle 7th Grade Calculator

Texas Insturment TI30XIIS

Scientific calculator performs practical and advanced mathematical functions ideal for high school and college-level coursework.

  • Loaded with super features to help you solve problems efficiently and accurately.  Includes 2-line display, Dual Power, general and trigonometric math and science functions, fractions, combinations and permutations, statistics and 5-variable memories.
  • Trigonometric functions in degrees and radians Fractions; Fraction/Decimal conversions; Common natural logarithms; Reciprocals; Factorials Universal Powers and Roots; Polar/rectangular conversions; 2-Variable statistics: Enter, Delete, Insert, Edit; Hyperbolic; Grads
  • 1- and 2-variable statistics include results for linear regressions and trendline analysis. 
  • Lightweight calculator with slide case included. 

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