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Arlington Elementary 2nd Grade

Arlington Elementary 2nd Grade

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Arlington Elementary 2nd Grade Pack Contains:

Note: School Packs do not include Arlington Chair Bag, Agenda Books, Communication Folder and Recommended supplies. Recommended supplies are listed on the school website.

Avery  .5" White View Binder 1 Ea
Crayola Colored Pencils 12 Ct. 2 Pk
Black & White Marble Comp 100 Ct. 4 Ea
Crayola Crayons 24 Ct. 2 Pk
Chisel Tip Expo Marker, 4 Ct Black 1 Pk
Jumbo Glue Stick 1.41 oz 8 Ea
Prang Hilighter Desk Style Yellow 2 Ea
Crayola 8 Ct Classic Broad Marker 1 Ea
Plastic Pencil Box 1 Ea
Oriole #2 Pre-Sharpened Pencil 2 Dz
Pink Wedge Eraser 2 Ea
BIC Stick Pen Red 2 Ea
Fiskar 5" Round Tip Scissor 2 Ea
Crayola Watercolors 8 CT Oval Semi-Moist 1 Pk
Quality Stereo Headphones  1 Ea
Poly Pocket Folder -Any Color 2 Ea
Clipboard Masonite Letter Size 1 Ea

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